How Jackie Helps

Need CASH for your house?
fhso specializes in finding creative solutions to real estate problems that others won’t touch. We can pay all cash, take over your payments or lease-purchase your house immediately! We work with Sellers who need to sell or want to sell, but do not want to wait six months to market, sell, repair and renovate their home, and pay real estate commissions. We will handle all of the paperwork, make all the arrangements and close within a few days if necessary. You’ll get a quick sale with no hassles, so you can put your worries behind you. We buy “As Is”, we require no fix up, we can close in just a few weeks or whenever you are ready, we do not put contingencies for financing in our offers, you would not be required to continue with maintenance, or any expenses with the property; taxes, property insurance, and so on. No situation too big or too small, CONTACT US now.

We are a multi-service real estate investment company who has the ability to BUY, REPAIR, MARKET, and SELL HOMES. We work with Sellers who need to sell or want to sell, but do not want to wait six months to market and sell, repair and renovate their home, pay real estate commissions, or wait for an approved buyer. We work with buyers who we can move into the property quickly before they complete the tedious loan application and loan processing delays. We work with all types of buyers and situations. Some need time to alleviate a shortage of down payment or may need time to solve credit issues. After they move in we work with lenders to get them “seasoned”, so they can qualify for a new loan and then buy the property.

This gives us a very large pool of tenant/buyers who make great customers and allow us to buy and sell very quickly.


For Home


If you’re like most people, you dream about buying a nice home in a nice neighborhood. Well, here’s your chance to make your dream come true! If you can afford a reasonable down payment and monthly payments, you could easily qualify for one of our exciting home purchase programs! We Are NOT Realtors® is not a real estate agency and is not associated with one. Unlike Realtors®, we have a financial interest in the properties we sell, so we are much easier to work with and are very flexible on terms. We work with Buyers who have Good, Bad or Ugly Credit who want to secure a home, live in it now and want to explore all options in how, when and what type of financing they will get to buy the home. Our American Dream Homeownership Program requires no bank financing and gives you all the benefits of home ownership! Enjoy immediate occupancy, tax breaks, and the pride of owning your own home! CLICK HERE for more information.


For RE


If you’re a local real estate investor and are looking for deeply discounted properties,we would love the opportunity to connect with you. Our specialty is finding great real estate investment deals so you don’t have too. We match the properties that our clients that need to sell with your specific buying criteria. Let us do all the work for you by finding your next deal! We have excellent real estate opportunities daily and would like to save you countless hours and thousands in marketing costs, Join our VIP Buyer’s List. Just CLICK HERE for more information, and we look forward to working for you soon.


For Private

broym helps private investors, such as yourself, to get their money working with good, safe interest income that will maximize their investment dollars while minimizing their risk.

We’ve designed several attractive programs to work with individual investors like you. By working with you directly, we’ve been able to cut out the “middle man” — the banks. Why should you be paid only a paltry 1-2% for your hard-earned money when you can earn as much as the banks? We’re trained professionals who’ve created a business of Buying, Repairing, Renovating, Managing and Selling Homes in various locations, condition and price ranges. We specialize in helping relieve Sellers of unwanted, unneeded homes they can no longer afford by creating solutions to help them get their home sold fast. We help our Community by improving the homes we purchase and building better neighborhoods by helping those who need good, safe housing. MORE INFO HERE.