“Watch and learn from Jackie. She is going places and if you are lucky
she just might take you with her.” – The US Real Estate Journal


Dear Sellers or Buyers call me anytime (321) 209-2721,

Whether you’re a homeowner faced with the decision to sell your house quickly and need creative solutions to solve your complicated real estate situation, or a home-buyer with “not so perfect” credit desiring to experience homeownership, I’ve committed my life’s pursuit to create Win-Win-Win strategies for my clients.

As an Investor, I’ve been real estate matchmaking and problem solving for years. I deal in connections, possibilities and endless options. I love the tough stuff, especially situations where others say “no”, I say “yes”. So send me your challenge and I’ll help you find the right solution.

Want to learn how to do what I do and get access to the people I work with? No problem, I help investors looking for better returns, earn cashflow through secured investments in real estate. Learn more here.

Either way let’s talk.


Things My Clients Say


D. Joseph

Port Saint Lucie, FL.

“Thank you Jackie Jackson, your keen knowledge of the real estate market has helped me to acquire my first real estate property. You are the best in the business and this market has long awaited for an innovator like you.”

Jeff Kaplan

Orlando, FL.

“You are an incredible person, like seriously! I appreciate your help, your just a beautiful person, I can tell and its a blessing and and honor to meet you. A donuts and lemonade was the least I could do for you, thank you for everything.”

Thomas Jewel

Orlando FL.

“Ms. Jackson is so ….sweet and humble. No matter how bad your day is going, interacting with her will turn your day around.”

Mark Nathwani

St. Petersburg FL.

“Jackie…YOU WERE AMAZING. Thank you so much for sharing your massive knowledge, love and your incredible personality.”